What is Retail Analytics?

Retail analytics is the analytical process of identifying, comparing all aspects retail in an auditing manner. Gathering data points on footfall, sales, store performance and measuring the details in an overview to make critical business decisions.

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Measure Footfall

Vedalab's people counting software is built on the top of state-of-the art IOT & AI systems that presents one of the most highly accurate footfall data for any primises.

Customer Demographics

Built on the top of our custom framework, vedalabs presents you the exact gender and age group of all people who walk into your retail stores. The platform is extremely secure and no data is ever stored.

Know Repeat Visitors

With most powerful facial recognition system, retailer get the data points like the repeat visitor count, which enables them to plan a improved customer experience in the store.

Real-time, Accurate, On the Edge

The analytics platform is as real time as a human being, even faster in some cases as well. Despite the speed, the system is extremely accurate and surpases industry standards in retail environment. With both of the modes of deployment (Cloud and on Edge), the Edge device makes it much easier for retailers to get on boarded as it saves a lot of time and money for the customers.

With over 100,000 hours of videos already processed at our customer stores, our accuracies on Indian Demographic data is unparalleled and unmatched from any other player in the market.


Analytics platform that you can trust

Real time store traffic data makes it possible for the retailers to analyze and have predictions about the store traffic trends. Thus giving them the hottest spots of the store, consumer journey and inventory insights. Having data points like these allows a retailer to move more inventory and thus make more profits.

Also, With these data points, retailer can plan promotional offers based on hottest timestamps for the stores and also monitor & manage staff operations based on the traffic density.

Club the data with any of the existing CRMs

Our very simple philosophy, that has been a very major foundation stone for the company states that we have to keep the platform open and pluggable to any of the existing systems. Based on this, Vedalabs is built in such a way as to make it possible for anyone to club our data with any of the existing CRMs or ERPs in order to do cross matching and comparing ROIs.

One can simply get started by signing up for the demo, and form the dashboard select on the option to export the data to any of the other sytems as per the choice of the customer.


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