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Vedalabs offers a deep technology platform for Retailers. With the help of Computer Vision, Deep Neural Network and the custom technology libraries, Vedalabs helps to identify footfall, age and gender of each customer who walks into the retail store. See it in action below.

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From entry to exit, know how exactly your consumers shop.Services

Footfall Analysis

With existing CCTV camera video feed, Vedalabs provides an entire overview on the customer journey with footfall analysis.

Consumer Demographics

With the help of machine learning, Vedalabs extracts Gender and Age demography of each consumer who walks in the to store.

Repeat Customer Count

Vedalabs, with the help of Facial recognition and AI, enables retailers to know the exact repeat count of the customers.

Footfall & Facial Analysis for retail

With deep neural network, our platform detects a ‘Person’ and through advanced deep learning driven tracking, presents a accurate footfall count for any retail store. Data points like these can help every retailer have unique advantage over the competitors, keeping in mind that they are enabled with data in real time that allows them to have business metrics like sales conversions per customer walk-in, marketing ROI on store walk-in, Store Heat Maps etc.

Also, the platform, through facial detection algorithms, identifies every face in the premises and presents the exact age group and gender of each walking in customer. Thus allowing a retailer to plan custom offers and move more inventory based on the gender demographics.


See it in Action Vision API

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General Object Detection.

Deep learning driven platform api for general object detection allows one to have a generic api that anyone can use to identify 100’s of objects in real time with just a single API call to vedalabs server. The platform also supports identifying custom objects that have business importance, contact sales from above to get in touch and we will be happy to work with you on your solution.

Facial recognition on the edge

Facial Recognition, allows you to tag & identify any person's face in real time through a digital image or a video frame from a video source. In real time, with more than 98.5% accuracy, the platform predicts the face comparison through the data sets. Possible use cases of facial recognition are in security, customer excellence or general surveillance. If you have a use case in mind, get in touch with us.