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Understand the deep insights from your video feeds & make informed business decisions that are backed by data and analytics.

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What we do?

Veda labs as an AI platform offers deep insights that are powered by computer vision and machine learning that allows you as a business owner to extract deep insights from any form of video data in real time.

Who Can Use It?

Be it a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, shopping mall, airport or any other real estate, Veda Labs enables all to extract deep insights in real time that are backed by Machine Learning & Computer Vision.

Retail Insights

From entry to exit, presenting retailers the entire overview of how their stores are performing in real time with respect to their consumers.

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Hospitality Analytics

Personalised experience is the key to growth, with facial recognition Veda Labs allows hotels to have an improved consumer experience.

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Warehousing Analytics

A-to-Z insights on entire warehouse security and performance is delivered with the help of computer vision & machine learning at scale.

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Security & Surveillance

Introducing Veda's AI software that presents real time pro-active monitoring system that sends alerts for any un-usual activity or tamperings in the region of interest (ROI).

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Smart Home Software

A single software for real time alerts on any defined activity on any cctv or smart camera that you have in your premises. Person Detection, Night Activity, Facial Recognition, and a lot more.

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Covid-19 Safety Solutions

Keep your enterprise and real estate safe, with Biometrics, the all in one safety procedure software with high fever detection, mask detection, social distancing and much more.

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Veda Labs is a proud technology partner with some of the greatest enterprises accross the world.

About Us


Our Mission

At it's core, Veda essentially stands for one thing; building a more transparent and secure sourrounding. Enabling the world with it's technology, Veda Labs' mission is to provide deeper and real time insights of your surroundings.

  • Real time, AI driven insights
  • Pro-active monitoring systems.
  • State-of-the-art highly accurate system.

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Awards & Recognition

The media loves us & people have rewarded Veda as one of the key players in retail analytics & for AI on the edge.

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