Footfall analytics for retail stores

Vedalabs offers a deep technology platform for Retailers. With the help of Computer Vision, Deep Neural Network and the custom technology libraries, Vedalabs helps to identify most accurate footfall analysis in your retail store.

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Most accurate footfall analysis software for your stores.Product

Highly Accurate

Vedalab's people counting software is built on the top of state-of-the art IOT & AI systems that presents one of the most highly accurate footfall data for any primises.

Customer Profiling

Footfall data allows a retailer to profile each of the walk-in customer along with the average sales per walk-in. The profiling allows one to personalise and improve the in-store experiences.

Grow your business

With Vedalab's entire retail analytics suite, retailers can move more inventory, plan better and make informed business decisions that allows the growth of the retail stores.

The footfall counter, you can trust on

With deep neural network, our platform detects a ‘Person’ and through advanced deep learning driven tracking, presents a accurate footfall count for any retail store. Data points like these can help every retailer have unique advantage over the competitors, keeping in mind that they are enabled with data in real time that allows them to have business metrics like sales conversions per customer walk-in, marketing ROI on store walk-in, Store Heat Maps etc.

With over 100,000 hours of videos already processed at our customer stores, our accuracies on Indian Demographic data is unparalleled and unmatched from any other player in the market.


Integrate seamingly with existing CRMs

Our very simple philosophy, that has been a very major foundation stone for the company states that we have to keep the platform open and pluggable to any of the existing systems. Based on this, Vedalabs is built in such a way as to make it possible for anyone to club our data with any of the existing CRMs or ERPs in order to do cross matching and comparing ROIs.

One can simply get started by signing up for the demo, and form the dashboard select on the option to export the data to any of the other sytems as per the choice of the customer.

Understand the in-store trends in real time

Real time store traffic data makes it possible for the retailers to analyze and have predictions about the store traffic trends. Thus giving them the hottest spots of the store, consumer journey and inventory insights. Having data points like these allows a retailer to move more inventory and thus make more profits.

Also, With these data points, retailer can plan promotional offers based on hottest timestamps for the stores and also monitor & manage staff operations based on the traffic density.


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