About Veda Labs

Veda Labs is an AI platform that helps retailers to grow their in-store conversions with real-time analytics and consumer insights.

Who are we?

apimatic developer experience process

We are Veda Labs. A Deep Tech Startup In India & US The journey of macher was incepted in the college dorm room when few thechies decided to build something meaningfull for the world. Teaming up with like minded people was the best part of the journey till date. In 2018, team started building it's general product for retail vertical. Built prototypes, partnered with largest of the brands across the country and raised money from best of the people possible in the ecosystem. Having meaningfull partners and building meaningfull products has always been at the core of Macher. Starting from self driving cars to video analytics suite for retailers or even Turnout, Macher aims to build a better surrounding for everyone.

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We are always excited to meet and partner with all amazing folks. Please reach out to us for any queries