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Grow Your Retail Stores

From entry to exit, gather real time store level consumer insights and make business decisions to grow your business.

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How it works?

Real time data from all of your stores allows you to make business decisions to move more inventory, manage in-store operations etc., which allows you to improve the in-store experience for all of your consumers.

Customer Experience

Identify your customer, know the demographics and buying pattern to personalize his experience.

Marketing ROI

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real time with accurate footfall conversions.

Visual Design

Discover the popular areas your customers are being attracted to & make appropriate design decisions.

Product Placement

The heat map, crowd monitoring & conversion rate helps in logical product placement.

In-store Promotions

With heat maps, you can create better in-store promotions & place it at the hottest segment in your store for better ROI.

Staff Optimizations

Optimize staff operation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your stores during power hours.

Crowd Management

Heat maps and footfall analysis can be used to derive conversion rate for a particular store area, thus helping in aisle management.


Retail analytics allows you to locate your highest & lowest performing stores. Thus helping in performance for benchmarking.


Built For Retailers &
Store Managers Alike

Real Time

A single dashboard that allows you to have a real time data on how your stores are performing based on the consumer insights.

Actionable Insights

Move more inventory, make store design decisions, improve customer experience and product placement with consumer insights.

Organizational Control

Having the hierarchy in control, as admin you get the right to allow who sees what in your organizational dashboard.


Everything You Need
To Know About Your Store

Total Footfall

Measure the footfall for all your stores in real time and get alerted for peak performing hours to make important business decisions.

The Group Count

With all the visitors you have, it is extremely important to know how many people visit in groups and who visit as individuals.

Consumer Demographics

Veda presents in real time the entire overview of gender and age of all walk in customer, thus allowing you to have a deep understanding of your consumers.


Know Your Customers &
Improve Their In-store Experience

Repeat Count

Veda presents you with information of who your repeat visitors are in real time. . Thus allowing you to personalize their experience.

Customer Recognition

Built on the proprietary technology of facial recognition, the platform can be used for various facial recognition based surveillance applications.

Cross location Information

Along with the alerts on repeat visitors, you get the entire overview on their visit history for your stores.


Understand Customers’ Journeys & Grow Your Stores

Heat Maps

With all the footfall in the store, Veda presents you the overall floor heat map, allowing you to understand the highest performing sections of your stores.

Customer Journey

When a consumer visits your store, Veda maps his journey in the store and presents you an overview on how all the customers navigated in your stores.

Zone Count

n real time, Veda combines the data from heat maps and the customer’s journey to present you the insights on the store's zone performance

Case Study


Dreawe Innovations

Dreawe Innovations, led by Mr. Jaideep wanted to know the performance of it's partners stores in real time with highest possible accuracy to improve in-store customer experience and to move more inventory. This is where Veda partnered with Dreawe Innovations to help them with relevant real time data.

  • Accurate Footfall Across Multiple Stores
  • Monitor Trends & Manage In-Store Operations
  • Move More Inventory & Improve Customer Experience

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