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The simplest way to accurately classify the gender & age of any walk in customer along with advanced outputs like repeat count of the person. Understand who visits your place and when like never before.

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Scalability First

Built on the state-of-at-art technology, scale is never a problem.

Hours of video processed

Alerts generated

Faces compared

How it works


Powerful Edge Processing

Computer vision and deep learning on the edge processor built by Veda Labs resulted in the end product called Identity. Identity allows you to harness the power of Customer Recognition on the edge thus making you to be able to identify faces in real time on any video stream.

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition.
  • Facial Verification.

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Key Use Cases

Retail stores, office buildings, hotels or any other real estate, there are multiple use cases for Identity.


A Retail Store

Repeat Customer Count

Having an understanding about who is your repeat visitor in the store, improves your chances of increasing in-store conversions and allows you as a retailer to improve visitors experiences thus having a better brand recall.

Staff Count

Monitoring the staff's attendance in your store is a crucial parameter in managing the stores operations. It allows you to monitor staff performance and mobile them based on the store traffic.


A Warehouse

Staff Attendance

With all the important goods moving in and out of your warehouse, Identity allows you to monitor your staff's attendance by tracking each employees' face at entrance uniquely allowing you to manage their operations efficiently.

Authorised Security Zones

A lot of locations in your warehouse needs high secure notifications. Whenever an unauthorized person enters a secure zone in your warehouse, you get an immediate notification for an unauthorized person's entry.

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