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Accurately measure the overall footfall for your space & make important decisions that are backed by AI.

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Scalability First

Built on the state-of-at-art technology, scale is never a problem.

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How it works


3D Depth Sensing Technology

Built on the state-of-the-art 3D depth sensing technology which performs exceptionally better than the usual cameras, Count. measures every footfall bi-directionally in your space.

  • 3D Sensor and AI delivers 98.5% accurate results.
  • Independent of lighting conditions, works in almost all conditions.
  • Bi-directional counting enables you to have accurate footfall data.

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Who is it for?

Be it a retail store, airport, your office, a restaurant or any other real estate, Count. helps you to have overall footfall data in real time.


A Retail Store

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

With every marketing dollar spent, you as a retail store owner can measure the footfall wrt each store and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Improve In-store Experience

Count. gives you the details of peak performing hours & thus you get to know when your store has the highest traffic & when there is a need of more support staff.

Improve Product Placement

With the help of footfall and customer directions, you can improve your product placement by analyzing consumer walk-in patterns and improve store conversions.


A Warehouse

The Headcount

With all the important goods moving in and out of your warehouse, Count. presents in real time an accurate measure of how many people have entered your warehouse.

Security & Surveillance

A lot of locations in your warehouse needs high secure notifications. Whenever a person enters a specific secure zone, you will get a real time alert so that you can take necessary actions.

Night Activity

By just enabling from our software, you can get special alerts for night activities at specific zones where no one should enter.


An Office

Know Total Occupancy

Real time alerts on the total occupancy of your entire office building or office floor. Use this data for managing the space more efficiently.

Prevent Code Voilations

With the help of our platform, get alerted when your space is almost at capacity to ensure code compliance.

Enable Emergency Response

Monitor your space and respond in real-time to activities that deserve immediate responses. It can be after hour activity or night alerts.



Save Time & Money

Know the real-time occupancy and utilization of gyms, lounges, meeting rooms, VIP areas and more. Reduce waste and avoid over-staffing by matching operations to expected visits.

Adjust Staff In Real-Time

Set staffing plans based on actual guest counts and forecasted demand.

Monitor Capacity

Know the real-time count of guests in each facility like the lounge, waiting area, gym or business centers.

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