Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that it is extremely important to have all your questions, answered. Please see below FAQ's.


Can I test out VedaLabs if I do not have any available hardware?

The VedaLabs has a cloud demo available that is accessed through the Google Chrome browser by visiting https://turnout.app.vedalabs.in/#/auth/login. An account can be requested via the website.

Does VedaLabs support a cloud-based architecture?

Yes. VedaLabs supports a cloud-based architecture with the deployment of our software on cloud-hosted machines.

Does VedaLabs support a virtual architecture?

Yes, VedaLabs supports a virtual architecture.

Does VedaLabs support an on-premises architecture?

Yes, VedaLabs supports an on-premises architecture.

What are the hardware requirements for a VedaLabs solution?

The recommended hardware for a specific project will depend on a few variables. In the case of thermal detection and the accuracy required would dictate the hardware requirements.

How does VedaLabs process cameras and videos in a low light/inclement weather environment?

VedaLabs solutions can identify and track objects in any type of environment. Add details like - resolution limits, minimum edge pixel length.

Can VedaLabs process camera feed from analog cameras or sources?

Our solutions are camera agnostic and can process a video feed regardless of the source.

What video codecs does VedaLabs support?

Veda's software and the entire platform work for all video codecs, including H. 264, HEVC, VP9, and AV1. Common formats includes MKV, AVCHD, MP4, and WebM.

What video formats does VedaLabs support?

Our current platform works for RTSP feeds and any of the historically recorded video feeds in any of the above format.

Does VedaLabs support processing pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras?

Yes, we do support processing pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras .

Does VedaLabs support processing 360-degree cameras?

Yes, Veda's paltform work pretty accurately on 360-degree and fisheye cameras.

Does VedaLabs support processing infrared or thermal cameras?

Yes, VedaLabs supports video processing from infrared, thermal, and black and white cameras. Appearance, Similarity, and Face Recognition will have a lower level accuracy depending upon the video quality.

What is the minimum and maximum frames per second (FPS) that VedaLabs supports?

From as low as 0.1FPS to as high as 120FPS, depending upon the use case.

What is the minimum and maximum resolution that VedaLabs can support?

Minimum of 640*480 to a maximum of 4K videos.

Are VedaLabs Solutions GDPR compliant?

Veda Labs Software is a GDPR, CCPA and HIPPA compliant product that includes tools that help you with your compliance efforts. Our company does not store personal information on individuals either by itself or through its users. You, the user/customer, are collecting and/ or processing personal information on individuals and storing personal information at your site on one or more servers that include our product, in accordance with your own settings and preferences. For more reference on our privacy policy, please see our privacy page.