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COVID-19 Safety Kit.

A unified solution for your space that allows you to monitor key parameters like social distancing, mask detection, fever screening, space occupancy & sanitization alerts in real time to keep your space safe.

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Built for Safety

Platform sends real-time alerts for all safety events.

Veda Labs
Sun 1:20 pm
Sanitization Check?
Hey Richard, your store has been visited by 1300 people today,
it's time for store sanitization.
Veda Labs
Sun 1:39 pm
Occupancy Alert.
Hey Richard, 2nd floor has reached it peak occupancy (120 of 134)
You may want to control the traffic flow.
Veda Labs
Sun 1:42 pm
Safety Alert.
Hey Richard, Couple of your employees have spotted without wearing
a mask in consumer section, You may want to take a note.

How it works


Pro-active monitoring

Veda's platform monitors the environment in real time through CCTV video feeds and makes sure, based on your input, how the store is performing with safety measures. It is extremely crucial in this pandemic to keep your real estate, be it a retail store or an office, safe.

  • Real-time fever screening.
  • Keeping a track on Social distancing.
  • Mask detection on each walking in person.
  • Space/floor occupancy alerts.
  • Sanitization frequency checks.

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What can it do?

Keep your environment safe. Be it a retail store, airport, your office, a restaurant or any other real estate.


Fever Screening

Temperature sensing

Everytime someone enters your store or office or any other place, Veda's sensor monitors the Temperature of each individual uniquely allowing you to track & flag person and take actions.

World-class accuracy

It is extremely important for you to trust in the system as it is built on the state-of-art technology that provides accuracy in -0.05deg to 0.05deg accuracy range.


Mask Detection

Safety Measure

With COVID-19 the new normal suggests the use of masks in day to day life, and there needs to be a pro-active system that keeps a track of all the people entering your place to check the usage of masks at all time.

Built for scalability

Built on the top of state-of-art facial detection algorithms that makes sure to monitor each aspect of each pixel to present pin point accuracy on the usage of masks and works flawlessly for large number of faces at the time simultaneously.


Social Distancing

Monitor queues

Social distancing is a key phenomenon for safety, and be it a retail store or an airport, monitoring queues and the distance between each individuals is extremely important for the safety of others. Veda allows you to monitor the social distancing in queues making you aware of all the norms.

Keep floor secure

While the shoppers/travelers/office staff are on the floor, it requires a pro-active system even then to monitor the social distancing phenomenon to keep the entire floor safe and pro-active about security.


Sanitization Alerts

Precautionary Alerts

Space sanitization is extremely important with regards to having to follow all Precautionary measures. Keeping the space disinfected allows you to keep it safe for all the people who will be using the space, and this is where Veda sends real time alerts which allows you to perform sanitization activities at a proper frequency.

Usage based

For a floor or a meeting room that gets used at regular frequencies, it needs a system to send pro-active alerts in keeping a track of that places sanitization. Veda sends out alerts based on space usage and makes it easier and efficient for you to keep entire space safe.

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