Veda labs is a leading Artificial Intelligence
based Organization, harnessing Computer Vision,
Machine learning and IOT to provide Analytics
across various Sectors,
and to bring the physical world to life
through technology.

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We Are Veda Labs

More than a year ago, we set out to create products that would transform the way organisations analyze their data. Today, our products help multiple businesses analyze offline data online. We build products that make people better at their most important work — the kind of work you read about on the front page of the newspaper, not just the technology section.

Camera feeds
Hours of video processed
Custom Alerts Built
Cups of coffee consumed

What We Do

Our AI tools help you understand all unique features of your customers who walk in to your stores.

Total People Count

With the help of Computer vision and Artificial intelligence, Veda Labs detects the human in any retail environment to give to the total people count in the store or warehouse. This allows you to have an overall view of your store on how many people walked in on a given time.

Demographic Overview

One of more deep application of veda labs AI tool is the demographic overview of each walking in customer. It gives you the Age group, Gender, emotions of each walking in customer. Thus when you see the overview on the dashboard, you know the Age group that walked in on any instance of time with their gender bifercation as well.

Repeat Customer

With Veda Labs Facial analysis AI, you get an overview on the repeat customer count as well. For any offline brick and mortar stores it's extremely important to know the repeat customer count as well, as it helps them build their marketing and branding strategies as well.

Average time spent

For a brick and mortar store, it's vitally important to know how much time on an average people are spending in their stores. With Veda Labs AI, one can actually know the average time spent in their stores for every customer. Having this data in the dashboard can allow any business person to build multiple co-relations that can help them in multiple ways.

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